Saturday, 3 December 2011

Everything you do, we do in heels.

My friend Skye and I worked on a project last term were we each had scenes and we got to film them(we both do an acting class together). I had the pleasure of working with Chelsea(a fellow class member) and we did quite a hectic scene from Girl,Interrupted. It was an amazing experience, we had camera men,lighting crew the whole thing! It was great seeing how everything worked and how much effort goes into one scene. You have to film the same part over and over again just from different angles but you have to keep the same energy and continuity! A very tiring day but all worth it. These picture are from today, we went to go watch our scenes on the big screen at the Labia(a very old school movie house,amazing!)Afterwards me and Ash went exploring around Cape Town. Yes, we climbed a mountain in heels, we felt very proud and oh so stupid! My dress is new and I just paired it with a simple black blazer,my new favorite wedges and My Aldo sunglasses. I am INLOVE with Ash's turquoise 70's style shoes, I need to invest in a pair!
Enjoy your weekend! 
Cole x


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